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Our focus is to help people who feel like they are lacking direction and motivation and simply going through the motions of life. We are a Newcastle based financial advice business, assisting people in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley Region.

These people have dreams about what they want their life to look like, but never write it down. They can visualise themselves achieving their goal, and for a short period of time they have the energy and urge to make it happen, but then the energy fades, and the goal seems out of reach.

Have you ever noticed this pattern in your own life? Have you ever wondered why you achieve some goals and not others? If you look back at your goals, you may notice in the goals that you have achieved, there is a greater emotional connection, and this is often the key ingredient.

Our belief is that the opportunity is there for everyone to have an extraordinary life, but first you need to understand what you are looking for. This discovery in itself is often the stimulus for change in areas of your life that you are not satisfied.

It is also important to understand that goals don’t just happen, they usually require some form of planning, accountability and money to achieve them. This is where financial advice and strategies come into the picture to create a result.

To learn more, or to arrange an initial complimentary consultation, contact Gavin Murray on (02) 4929 2559.


Concerned about current volatility? This may help put things into perspective.

Due to recent market volatility we thought it was a good time to touch base and put things into perspective.
The article below supports our views on current events.


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